Friday, July 30, 2010

Authorized Consultant. But Authorized by who

They always have innovative ways to circumvent the law. They pose themselves as legitimate consultants. They deceive people by lying to them that they are "Authorized Representative". In doing so, they contravene the Canadian law. They are termed as "ghost agents" by those who are properly authorized and accredited by the government of Canada.

Beware and take extra caution when you deal with someone who uses the term "Authorized" to make you believe that they are "Authorized" by the government of Canada. Only and only those consultants who are Members in good standing with the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants are "Authorized". There is a recent trend where unauthorized agents have secured authorization to promote Quebec's Investors program in Pakistan. They are merely promoters of Quebec's Investor Program for various financial institute while they pose themselves as if they are "authorized" by the government of Canada to represent clients in their immigration matters. This is certainly not the case.

In order to check the legitimacy of the claim of an individual being "authorized", one needs to check if the name of that individual is listed on the web site of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants available at

I have noticed that some agents in Pakistan, specially those promoting investor program are conveniently advising clients that they are authorized to represent their immigration applications. Unlike Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants, these ghost agents have little or no training in Canadian immigration law, are not regulated and accountable and are not obliged to follow strict professional rules of conduct. With Bill C-35, the new Canadian proposed law to criminalize these ghost agents, on the verge of being implemented, soon these impostors and con artists will have no place to hide and play with the dreams of people.

If you have dealt with or have hired an individual or company claiming to be "authorized", you should check immediately with the CSIC to avoid any future disappointments. Check with the CSIC member directly if an individuals or company claims to be associated with a CSIC member in any way.

Amir Ismail & Associates has only one office in Karachi and in Toronto. The address of our offices can be checked on our web site We have not authorized any other office in Karachi or Pakistan to use our name or qoute any relationship with us without prior consent from us.

A public service message from Amir Ismail, Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant, recognized by the Government of Canada.