Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Fast Track - Very few are lucky to get in

With only 29 occupations allowed for processing and restriction of just 500 applications from all over the world every year, it is extremely difficult these days to get into the processing queue of the so-called Fast Track of Canada's Federal Skilled Worker Program. However, if you do manage to squeeze in, you can consider yourself to be very lucky. While the competition is tough considering the limited quota, time could not be better than now to apply to come to Canada as a skilled worker in terms of processing speed. Should you make it to the processing queue you can expect to be issued the permanent residence visa within 12 months assuming you meet the rest of the requirements. This in comparison to the cases filed earlier is super fast. With processing time ranging from 7 years to 3 years for previously files cases, the priority being accorded to the new applications can truly be termed as "Fast Track".

Amir Ismail - Toronto | Canada