Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 Steps you should take to improve your success chances under the New Federal Skilled Worker Program

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success
With the announcement of the proposed selection criteria for skilled workers by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) on 17 August 2012 we are being bombarded with hundreds of queries as to what steps aspirants should take in advance in order to maximize their chances of being accepted under the new criteria. 

While the CIC is in the process of revamping its program and there is a temporary pause on all new application at least until January 2013, we suggest that interested applicants should consider taking some important steps in advance that may make their application more "new selection criteria ready" and may save them considerable time. Planning ahead will be the key specially with a view that there could be a quota imposed on number of applications allowed in a given year. Given the popularity of the program and the desire of many to come to Canada via Federal Skilled Worker Class, it would be prudent to keep the file ready with essential steps already undertaken to be able to secure the place in the processing queue for the year 2013.

Although it is not made known by the CIC if there would be a "Demand Occupation" list, we have received hints that perhaps most of the Occupations falling under NOC type 0 and skill level A and B might be considered as long as the applicant could prove that he/she has received a positive credential assessment from an assessment body designated by the Canadian government.This is likely to be confirmed later this year.

We recommend that all prospective applicants currently waiting for the application intake to resume in January 2013 consider doing the following in order to maximize their chances of being considered under the new criteria:

  • Since points are going to be awarded to both applicant and spouse, it would be a good idea that both principal applicant and his/her spouse attempt a language test for English (IELTS test) or French (TEF test). Please note that IELTS test older than 2 years may not be accepted.

  • Prepare a detailed CV outlining your job description and dates of employment and email it to us on as well as complete our online assessment form available on our website for an evaluation. Your experience should correspond to the duties and responsibilities as found in your occupation in NOC.

  • Assemble all your degrees, diplomas, transcripts/marks sheets and course descriptions. These will be required to accomplish the mandatory credential assessment being introduced in the new selection criteria. We are expecting an announcement later this year on how to have your credentials recognized as equivalent to Canadian education credentials.

  • Collect all your documents related to identification and settlement funds. The funds required to carry to Canada vary according to the size of the family. Check the amount you would require to proof as per the size of your family here:

  • Since there is no confirmation as to which occupation might be considered eligible for processing in the new program, it may be a good idea to follow the same procedure, if you are married, for your spouse too. While making an assessment of your eligibility we shall determine which one of you would be a better candidate on the basis of factors such as language skills, occupation in demand and total points (the pass mark is still 67).

The foregoing suggestions are not exhaustive and there could be further changes introduced by the CIC later this year. However, following the above suggestions would at least assist you in meeting the minimum requirements as proposed in the new program. 

Based in Toronto, Canada, Mr. Amir Ismail is an Authorized Canadian Immigration Adviser. Being member of ICCRC and CAPIC, he is recognized by the Canadian government as an authorized representative who can represent clients in their immigration matters. More information on Mr. Amir Ismail can be found our our website, his Linkedin profile, our Facebook Page, Our Youtube Channel and on Twitter